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Why I Live Natural

GoodEarth Living is cultivating good health, positive connections with others and the environment, being my authentic self and finding happiness in simple living. Some of the HASHTAGS I follow are #VintageLiving, #Hippielife, #SimpleLiving, #CreativeLiving, #GrowYourOwnFood #PermacultureGardening, and #PlantBasedEating. These are my tribes.

Once upon a time, we were self reliant crafters, artists and gardeners. We grew food not lawns. Big agriculture and Monsanto did not exist. We worked with our hands. We supported local business because Publix, Target and Walmart did not exist. These days inspire me and now my activities and interests are focused on creating from scratch, learning new -old skills and connecting with others that share the same passion.

My Grandmother - Mama Steele

I got my first experience with this type of living through watching my grandmother. How I wish I would have watched more intentionally. Little did I know when she cracked open that glass container of peaches, they were from her garden and canned by her or gifted from family or friends. Her junk drawers were full of buttons, crafts and embroidered items. The blankets on her bed were made by family members and her kitchen always had food made from scratch with REAL ingredients. She was artistic, crafty and she practiced a slow-paced life.

I think about these memories when I'm contemplating my next creations in my GoodEarth lab. My clean stainless steel workspace is my creative space where I spend 50% of my time. It's where I start my day. Will I work on building the soil today or sowing seeds? Will I find inspiration for my next soap, or research a recipe that has REAL ingredients? This quiet space inspires me.

Another extension of GoodEarth Living is our parcel of land. 2 acres of Florida sandy dirt where we are slowly building the soil, planting fruit trees, Florida native plants, beneficial insect attractants, vegetables and herbs. Some of the herbs I use as medicine and in my products. #SlowLiving #GrowYourOwnFood #FoodNotLawns #RegernativeFarming #PerennialsAreBest

Simple Life = Joyful Life. I'm 60 and it is my plan to make it to 110. I hope to be that great great grandmother that can still sweep a floor, make rolls and can contribute my homesteading skills. I won't have a lot of needs, just simple needs.

I invite you to connect with me on instagram.

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