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Collaborating with Local Artists

I love collaborating with small businesses, local artists and people in my tribe. Bringing special eco-friendly products to my customers that compliment the GoodEarth is important to me. These items are unique and one of a kind and are limited. They will be ready for sale in November just in time for holiday gifting.

Sarasota Green Pottery

I first met Anja through Instagram and later she visited me at the GoodEarth. I knew instantly, as we covered many topics in a short period of time, that we were kindred spirits. She is originally from Germany and has traveled to many places. She has a deep rich soul. One day she posted a beautiful Instagram picture of a very unique white porcelain soap dish. It was perfection with drainage holes perfectly made for my 5 ounce soap. I had to procure some for my tribe. These are truly a one of a kind soap dish. This soap dish and one bar of Pure Olive Oil soap is yours for $60.

Anja is trained in painting and art history and has taught art internationally for many years.  Throughout her career, she exhibited paintings, collages, and ceramics.

Anja’s work is influenced by the colors and styles of the places she has lived such as the Bauhaus tradition of her native Germany, the Art and Crafts tradition of the American Midwest, the Mediterranean light and forms of Turkey and Italy, to the patterns and forms of India. Now she mixes her glazes to embody the colors and nature found in beautiful south Florida. 

In 2014 , Anja moved to Sarasota where she lives with her husband and two kids and has been busy creating Sarasota Green Pottery.

"Handmade objects are an invitation to be mindful, slow down and enjoy every day life. Making every-day objects means disengaging from mass consumption and disposable culture. Handcrafted objects help us to be more connected to objects people and life."

You can learn more about her here:

Miri Hardy Pottery

My next artist is Miri of Miri Hardy Pottery. She creates handmade personalized Shave Mugs, Coffee Mugs, Noodle Bowls and other beautiful vessels. Whether thrown on her potter's wheel or using hand-building techniques, she enjoys creating pottery that is both functional and beautiful. All of her glazes are non-toxic and safe to use for food, in the microwave and dishwasher.

Her studio, located in Sarasota, Florida, is where she creates each and every one of her pieces art from scratch clay.

Her work is fully utilitarian, designed to be equally comfortable on the dinner table and the mantelpiece. She sells direct to the public and is ready to discuss custom orders. This is how the GoodEarth came to offer these one of a kind shaving mugs. Her work is the culmination of countless hours. You’re not just buying a mug from a store, you're buying art and supporting a local artists. Purchasing local art not only tells an incredible story but is a beautiful keepsake. I have a limited number in stock, so act quickly. You will receive one Mug and 2 shaving soaps for $60.

You can learn more about Miri here:


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