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My Elderberry Syrup with Horehound

The following is a basic recipe for Elderberry Syrup. Elderberry is great for the immune system. The berries and flowers are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that may help prevent and ease cold and flu symptoms. Additionally I add the herb Horehound which is good to soothe dry, scratchy and sore throats.

Elderberries: If you can find them locally, that is the way to go. Or perhaps you can grow them. If neither are an option for you, purchase them on amazon.

Horehound: This is optional, however if you are interested you can also find it on amazon. *do not use for a pregnant person*

Ginger: Use fresh ginger from your local market. Try to use organic if you can find it.

Sweetener: I used LOCAL honey. The honey I used was so local that the beekeeper is in my neighborhood. :) If you do not want to use honey you can use maple syrup or agave. *I've read honey is not good for children under 1 years old*


1/2 cup dried elderberries

1 tablespoon horehound

1 - 2 tablespoon(s) fresh grated ginger

1/2 cup honey or maple syrup or agave

2 cups water

Other options: 1 stick of cinnamon, a pinch of cloves

Add all of the ingredients in a pot over high heat. Once it starts to boil, lower the heat and simmer until it has been reduced by half. It should take about 1/2 hour.

When finished allow to cool.

Once cooled pour the liquid through a fine strainer into a bowl. Squeeze/press the mixture through the mesh to extract all of the juice. You can discard the pulp or use for other creations such as jam.

I added the honey and juice in my blender, mixed and then poured into jars. Once sealed, store in the refrigerator.

The syrup can be stored for two weeks though I've also read you can refrigerate it for up to 6 weeks.

We take a teaspoon everyday or several teaspoons throughout the day if we have a cold.

Here's an instructional video on Youtube that might help you.


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