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4 Reasons to Lather Yourself in Chocolate

Chocolate has long been used in spa treatments. With its delicious aroma and when spread on our body the active ingredients in chocolate are released to nourish the skin.

1. Chocolate is Skin Friendly

Chocolate contains various anti-oxidants which is good for your skin. These anti-oxidants protect your skin from free radical damage. A dark chocolate bath is beneficial to you as it keeps your skin healthy and imparts a healthy glow.

2. Chocolate as a Skin Detoxifier

A warm dark chocolate bath absorbed into the skin acts as an amazing detoxifier due to the caffeine. When absorbed it removes the dead skin layer which is beneficial for regenerating new skin cells. It hydrates the skin and softens the appearance of fine lines.

3. Chocolate as a Skin Protection

Chocolate has sun protection properties and shields your skin against the sun’s ultra-violet rays to help prevent sunburns and helps to keep the skin toned.

4. Chocolate for Improving Blood Circulation

Chocolate absorbed through the skin is helpful in increasing the blood circulation on your body and scalp.

When you create your own home spa include chocolate in your regime. Be sure to use a quality chocolate with a minimum of 70% of cacao. You can find Chocolate soap at GoodEarth Pure Soaps chocked full of cocoa butter and coconut milk for extra moisturizing benefits. It’s a great way to relax and rejuvenate.

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