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Soothing Plant-based Dog Soap

Are you looking to keep your pet fresh smelling and with a shiny coat but without the harsh chemicals and synthetics? This will be a natural solution for your pet. According to Dogs Naturally Magazine, many products are being sold with the newest marketing pitch called "GREENWASHING". "Greenwashing is marketing a product as natural, no matter how loose the claim, in order to boost sales".

This gentle formula nourishes and moisturizes the skin and coat. This bar is made with natural dog friendly and earth friendly ingredients. The essential oils create a pleasant smell for you and your dog.

To use, work up a lather in your hands before applying to a your WET dog for the best lather. Rinse and enjoy.

NOTE: Cats are very sensitive to essential oils and therefore this should not be used on our feline friends. Look for any possible reactions when using a new shampoo on your dog in case he/she is allergic to a new ingredient.

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