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I remember the bottle of Calamine lotion in our medicine cabinet as a young girl. In the 60's, before vaccines for the chickenpox , my mom SLATHERED calaminie on me to stop the itching. I used it on my children for various skin outbreaks and I still keep calamine in our bathroom for the occasional itches.

What is Calamine? It is a mineral, called Smithsonite, which is mainly composed of Zinc and Iron Oxide. Since the 1800's, we have used it in a liquid suspension as a soothing, anti-itch, astringent lotion for insect bites, poison ivy, Chicken pox, eczema, etc.

Zinc Oxide is very helpful in solving many skin conditions. It is a natural astringent and is effective in reducing skin irritation, inflammation, itchiness due to acne and promotes wound healing. Iron Oxide is used to improve the skin tone. It is non toxic and a popular component in many cosmetic products. It is a safe and a very beneficial component of many beauty products.

Calamine lotion has a number of benefits:

  • Helps to heal acne and pimples.

  • Helpful in relieving the symptoms of certain dermatitis like itching and inflammation.

  • Helps to dry out rashes caused by poison ivy and other allergic reactions.

  • Provides relief from pain, itching, swelling and inflammation from insect bites and stings.

  • Calamine can comfort the symptoms of viral infection such as chickenpox and shingles.

  • Alleviates the burning sensation due to sun burns and heat rash.

This Calamine Soap is a combination of Zinc Oxide (ZnO) and Iron Oxide (Fe2O3) derived from natural mineral deposits. It is mild and soothing on the skin. Add a bar to your daily bathing regime.

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