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4 Ways to SAVOR your Handmade Soap

Industrial factories take the natural moisturizing glycerin out of the soap while using chemicals & synthetic fillers to harden the soap. Handmade soap contains moisturizing glycerin, oils & butters which contributes to a naturally softer bar. Handmade soap is cured a minimum of 4 weeks to help produce a hard bar but there are steps you can do to savor & extend the life of your investment.

1. Use a well-draining soap dish. A wet bar creates a soft bar. Use a soap dish with holes so it can dry thoroughly before using again.

2. If you don't use a soap dish, stand the soap on it's edge after use so the least amount of surface is in contact with any puddles.

3. Buy 2 bars & alternate between each. This allows one bar to dry while you are using the other.

4. Save, reuse & savor your scraps. Collect the pieces, place in a natural cloth bag & continue to use.

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