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My Mom turned 83 in January 2017 and I am so blessed to have her living with us in Sarasota, FL. She is divorced & widowed with 9 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. She married when she was 20 years old, birthed 5 girls and raised 1 granddaughter. One of her children passed away at a very young age.

She dropped out of Alabama A & M University to take up roots with my fearless Dad. They moved north

from Alabama to Connecticut where we spent most of our childhood. She made sure she was present in the home while we were growing up and meanwhile she completed her degree in English. She is one smart cookie. I recently found out my Mom was valedictorian of her class.

She also learned to read music and play instruments during her upbringing, settling on the piano. Mom was active in church and that is where her musical talents blossomed. Most of her life she has played for churches. She also taught piano to students. You can name any old hymnal and she is sure to know it and can play it for you.

She has been thrown her fair share of rough patches in life. In 1976, she divorced my Dad and later married again. Both husbands have passed away and she has lived with her daughters for the past 10 years.

Mom is musically talented, smart, soft hearted, spiritual, and patient. She has cultivated PERFECT patience. In another life she could have been a nun. Her faith is strong, inside and out. She provides a framework of character for me. That soft spirit is actually a strength, her strength and I admire it.

Her name is Ella Juanita and she is amazingly beautiful. Even her name exudes beauty. She was always petite and shapely with gentle features, soft hair, a pretty smile and sweet spirit.

If your mom is still present in your life check out this blog post called 15 Things to say to your mom while you still have the chance. Be sure to watch the video at the end of the article.


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