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Recipe: Homemade Dry Bouillon Seasoning (Vegan)

Flavoring is a huge component in cooking and stock, broth and bouillons are all forms of "liquid essence". Using your own stock tastes dramatically better than the grocery option. Industrially made stock includes Maltodextrine, corn syrup, artificial flavorings, Potassium Cholride, Monoammonium, Glutamate, Gelatine, Propylene Glycol, to name a few. I prefer a chemical free version for my natural pantry.

I make two batches a year and it takes 20 minutes to gather your ingredients and blend.

Plantbased Vegan Stock

3 oz Sundried Tomatoes

1 oz Dried Shiitake Mushrooms

1 Cup Nutritional Yeast

3 TBS Onion Powder or Flakes

2 TBS Sea Salt ( I prefer Himalayan Salt for its mineral content)

2 TBS Raw Sugar

1 TBS Dried Parsley

1 TBS Garlic Powder

1 TSP Dried Thyme

1 TSP Dried Oregano

1 TSP Paprika

1 TSP Mustard Powder

1/2 TSP Ground Black Pepper

1/2 TSP Turmeric

1/2 TSP Celery Seeds

1/2 TSP Sage

1/8 TSP Cayenne Pepper

Grind your tomatoes and mushrooms in small batches first until it is close to a powder.

Then incorporate all the other seasonings, ground tomatoes and mushrooms in your blender.

Store in a glass container with a tight lid. Use 1 tablespoon of powder to 1 cup of water for your recipes.

If properly stored it will last up to one year.

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