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Soothing Shower Cubes

Soothing Shower Cubes


Steam inhalation and aromatherapy are natural remedies.  Enjoy this refreshing and soothing spa experience.  


Product Specifications:  2” X  2” cube.  1.8 oz each.  4 in each pack.  Approximately  8 oz.


    Place the cube on your shower floor where it gets wet but, not directly under the shower stream.  As it fizzes, inhale and enjoy the essential oils as it is released into the shower. 


    T I P S

    1.  One cube should last 1 -  2 showers. 

    2.  Allow the Shower Cube to dry  between use so your Shower Cube can last a few showers. 

    3.  Drop  a piece into hot steamy water, cover your head and then lean over to allow the steam to allow the aromas to open your sinuses.


    Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Cornstarch, Olive Oil, and Isopropyl


    Lavender, Orange, Eucalyptus, Rosemary Essential Oils &  Menthol.


    Shower Bombs may leave surfaces slippery. NOT FOR USE ON THE SKIN.  DO NOT USE IN THE BATH WATER.  FOR THE SHOWER ONLY.

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