Finding Your Love for Patchouli

Updated: Feb 23

What’s so special about patchouli. Everything. It is the most requested soap my customers ask for. However, for some it's like cilantro, either you love it or it tastes like dishwashing liquid. Either you appreciate it or it reminds you of the hippie era when it was used to cover certain smells such as body odor or cannabis. Throw that story out the door. Patchouli is delightful and when blended in moderation with the best aromas it becomes sensual.

Patchouli is an evergreen perennial, a member of the Labiatae family and a close relative to mint. The science community describes the odor as "rich, heavy, sweet‐herbaceous, aromatic/spicy/camphoraceous, woody, balsamic, root‐like" and “very intense, woody, sweet‐balsamic with spicy and woody‐earthy undertones”. I just use the word EARTHY. The oil is extracted from the lightly fragrant leaves and flowers of the Patchouli plant. It produces a thick light yellow or brown liquid and has a strong, earthy and yet sweet aroma.

Patchouli oil has many internal and external uses. On the skin in traditional Asian medicine it is used to treat skin and hair problems, such as dermatitis, eczema, acne, dry chapped skin, dandruff, antibacterial and oily scalp. (

The potency of this fragrance is an acquired taste and when blended well with other essential oils is becomes intoxicating. For this season I have blended Patchouli with other fragrant oils. This 3 soap Patchouli collection is a well-balanced blend where everyone can find their favorite bar to appreciate.

Patchouli "Nilla": Patchouli with Benzoin & Citrus. Benzoin imparts a deep vanilla aroma and anchors the patchouli with a sweet overtone of citrus.

Patchouli & Lavender: Patchouli with Lavender & Citrus is sweet, warm and spicy.

100% Patchouli: Straight Patchouli imparts a strong woody odor with a warm and earthy nuance.

Oils: Saponified Olive, Coconut, Shea Butter & Castor Oil.

Infusions and Colors: All of the hues are by mother nature created with Turmeric, Alkanet, Indigo, Rose Clay, Kaolin Clay or Spirulina.

These will be ready in March 2020. Be sure to subscribe so you will receive notices when Limited Release are ready for Pre-sale. These treasures move quickly.

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